Jaguars coach Peterson praises No. 1 pick Walker

Jaguars coach Peterson praised Walker’s performance, saying that the new season is very interesting

Although the Jaguars lost 11:27 to the Raiders in yesterday’s Hall of Fame game, No. 1 pick Travon Walker made his preseason debut.

Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson praised in a post-game interview: “I think he did some things very well (in this game). He made a lot of quick, quick rushing passes and he was destructive. He showed his size, athleticism and impact. I think his performance this season will be interesting.

The No. 1 pick from the University of Georgia showed off his outside pass rushing ability in this preseason game. In the defense’s first down, Walker sprinted to the offensive line and rammed quarterback Jarrett Stidham. Although he was called for a foul in this block, he also showed a threat to rush the pass.

Regarding this foul, Peterson said: I think it is a matter of timing, when to hit the quarterback. But you wouldn’t think about diminishing his athleticism and impact. He will learn from it and get better.

It wasn’t long before Walker threw off screens and had his first preseason sack of his career. In this regard, he himself said: I haven’t hit an opponent for a while, which is of course a good feeling. This is my first (sack), but there will be many more to come.

The Jaguars had 21 players sidelined this preseason due to roster depth issues, but Walker’s performance is a good sign for the Jaguars’ revival.

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