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Rugby superstar Tom Brady’s career isn’t over yet, and his retirement life has already been arranged.

On May 10, 2022, local time in the United States, Fox Sports announced the signing of Tom Brady, who will join Fox as its chief cheap NFL jersey analyst after his career.

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According to the “New York Post” report, the two sides reached a 10-year contract worth as much as $375 million, which is the most expensive contract in sports broadcasting history.

Going forward, Brady will comment on games with lead commentator Kevin Burkhardt and serve as a Fox ambassador, focusing on clients and marketing.

Brady tweeted that he was happy to join Fox, but also said he still has “unfinished business” as a player.

Fox Chief Executive Lachlan Rupert Murdoch said it was entirely up to Brady to decide when to join.

Tom Brady was born in 1977 and was selected by the New England Patriots of the NFL in 2000. He served as a quarterback on the field and played here for 19 years.

During his career, Brady won the Super Bowl seven times. The most recent is the 55th Super Bowl in 2021. The Tampa Bay Pirates entered the championship game again after 18 years, defeating the opponent Kansas City Chiefs to win the championship, and Brady personally won the Super Bowl MVP for the fifth time.

Tom Brady’s 10th Super Bowl trip ended with a victory, becoming the first athlete in North American sports history to win a championship on a different team after the age of 40.

It was Brady’s first season from the Patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he finished with 401 passes, 40 passing touchdowns, and a season-best quarterback rating of 102.2.

In February of this year, Brady announced his retirement at one point, but only announced his return in the past 41 days. He wrote on his social account at the time: “In the past two months, I realized that my position should still be on the pitch, not in the stands. That time will come, but not now. I love my teammates , I love to support my family. They make this possible. I will be back in Tampa Bay for my 23rd season.”

It is worth noting that even though Brady is already recognized as a legendary quarterback in the NFL, his salary income as a player is still less than the contract amount Fox offered – according to the data of the Roster Management System (Roster Management System), Brady Earned a total of approximately $302.7 million in her current career. For the 2022 season, Brady is expected to make an additional $15 million, bringing his 23-year career earnings to $318 million by next season.

Outside the arena, Brady signed a contract with sports brand Under Armour in 2010, and also endorsed sports car brand Aston Martin, beer brand Samuel Adams, shoe brand UGG and sneaker collection store Foot Locker.

In fact, Brady isn’t the first superstar quarterback to switch to media after retiring. Beginning in 2017, Tony Romo, who played for the Dallas Cowboys for 14 years, served as the chief NFL analyst at CBS; in 2021, Drew Brees, who played for the Los Angeles Chargers and the New Orleans Saints Join NBC as a football analyst.

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